Wednesday, September 24, 2014




I suggest you different web pages and encourage you to surf ...

  • Greetings:
Have a look and practise
More exercises
Try with these exercises 

  •  Exchanging personal information
Some basic questions and answers

Listen to these people:

Complete with the right information.

 Now you know the alphabet, check this phonemic chart:

 Listen to the sounds:   phonemic chart


These links can be very useful for all through the year.
A dictionary
A useful vocabulary link
This is also interesting
Another one
 A link for a wide range of topic
One more
  •  Numbers.  cardinals and  ordinals
  • Days of the week and months of the year.                                     
Months  and Days of the week
Some music


Britsh Council web page
A very interesting page for grammar exercises online 

Another one
What about this one?
Another suggestion

  • make positive, negative sentences and questions   
  • To finish this Introduction here you have a positive message. You can do the exercises above.                                    

Fill in the gaps

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